"To say the least, the rocket ship is only now launching up the into atmosphere, but I am one who is certainly going to keep an eye on the journey. Hardly ever do I hitch my wagon to such a young talent, but I have a feeling about this one. In the U.S., rock music has to make a triumphant comeback sometime, and when it does, there is no foreseeable reason Donna Dunne can't make her presence known across the pond."

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"Dublin based singer/songwriter Donna Dunne is a Blues/Rockabilly artist with a lot of talent.  Her song “Woman in Black” is a pure Rockabilly/vintage Rock and Roll song that has a fun video to go along with it.  The visuals are not the most exciting, but they go along perfectly with the music.  The whole affair has an old school, 1950′s vibe to it, and comes off as very cool."

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"This in turn spills out in how elements of country, rockabilly and an old-school rock’n’roll calling meet a modern sensibility while retaining an old-school flavour at the same time. This is what gives the track a richer Americana calling over an American one which is important to note.Yet the interesting way the song holds shape when it takes flight is impossible to ignore."

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Donna Dunne – Beale

A rich rhythm and blues texture comes across that signals the intent as much as it creates a wonderful tune. The stylish running brings a sense of rackabilly but it is also marked out by the way the blues generates the intended impact. Firing up “kicks” is the Latin tint in the sound. It adds a hard side to it that you feel. The deep way that the guitar is angled in gives it a lush Tex-Mex beat that stirs it eloquently, but there is also a lot to admire in how it excites you as it plays.

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